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A true blockchain powered esport.

Ultraball will keep you on the edge of your seat as you punch, knee, and drop kick your rivals to victory and profit!

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A Web3 game with a fun-first approach

After two years of concepting, brainstorming, ideating and testing; we're finally here in front of you all with Ultraball!







Ultraball is waiting for you, start your epic journey today

Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned Ultraballer, the Ultraverse has a challenge for everyone

Become an esport legend

Earn your way to the top.

The objective of Ultraball is simple: score as many points as possible by throwing or carrying the ball into the opponent's goal. It's easy to get into but hard to master, and those athletes looking to top the leaderboards will need to put in long hours of practice to perfect their skills and teamwork.

Ultraball offers a variety of ways to earn rewards:


UltraChampions: a privileged class in the Galaxy.

As the Ultraballers who have risen to the top of the ranks, Ultrachampions enjoy a number of exclusive perks that other Ultraballers can only dream of.

From private training areas and luxury accommodations to preferential treatment when it comes to match-ups and rewards, UltraChampions are living the high life.

Here are some of the benefits if you hold an UltraChampion:

Acquire and manage your own Club in the Ultraverse

Clubs are very powerful NFT assets that play a critical role in the Ultraverse. Clubs can onboard players into the paid side of the economic flywheel, hire employees such as Scientists or Coaches, and craft in-game items that will be later consumed by other agents in the economy.


Take a look at what's coming

2020 - Q1 2022

Ultraball is our passion, and the development of the game has been 100% self-funded. Over the past two years we managed to transform an idea into the game you see now

Q2 - 2022
  • Launch website and social media presence
  • Publish whitepaper and tokenomics
  • Build early community of players
  • Start private beta program
Q3 - 2022
  • Drop UltraChampions collection
  • Implement governance token and staking
  • Develop blockchain backend
  • Implement p2e mechanics
  • Collaborate with key communities
Q4 - 2022
  • Open beta to a broader audience
  • Drop Ultraverse Clubs NFTs
  • Release character stats tree & item crafting
  • Release Club Management Interface
Q1 - 2023
  • Official public release of the game
  • Federation events and challenges
  • IRL tournaments and competitive scene

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